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Instant video effects with generative AI

DeepMake uses generative AI to make content creation fast and easy. We leverage the leading open source AI to give you VFX in a few clicks, create stock video from text prompts, instantly segment layers, and more.

What is DeepMake


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Our Many Features

Stable Diffusion video generation

Instantly generate high-quality video from written prompts, or extend existing clips—all using the same technology that powers the most advancted text-to-image products.

Smart layer segmentation

Experience next-level editing by automatically segmenting characters, backgrounds, and objects in your video for precise modifications and dynamic storytelling.

Face swapping technology

Bring historical characters to life, replace stunt doubles, or create animated avatars for gaming and streaming with the industry's most powerful face swapping software.

Video upscaling

Transform your videos with our AI-powered solution, effortlessly enhancing resolution for crystal-clear quality and unmatched detail.


DeepMake offers seamless plugins for Adobe After Effects and Nuke, so you can harness AI-powered visual effects in the tools you already use.