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DeepMake March 2024 Newsletter

· 3 min read

Alien wearing pink fur, standing in a park

*Created using DeepMake*

Hello DeepMake fans!

As we power into March, we're excited to share with you our latest product updates and future plans to bring you even more generative AI functionality into your workflow!

DeepMake Version 0.1.2 released

We've recently released the latest version of DeepMake. Version 0.1.2 brings many improvements to the workflow, making using it easier and more powerful than ever:

  1. Improved Installers
    The new installers handle all of the steps to install DeepMake, including installing all prerequisites and getting everything to the right place. This lets you skip the manual steps you used to have to go through.

  2. Automatic Startup
    You no longer have to manually start up the DeepMake backend. When installed through the installers, it will automatically start up every time you use the plugin in After Effects. This makes it easier than ever to use!

  3. Faster Effect Generation
    Speedups to effect plugins mean that using an effect is faster than ever.

  4. Bug Fixes
    We've fixed many bugs meaning that you're less likely to have problems running DeepMake or the effect plugins.

Click here to get the new version!

Coming soon, Version 0.2.0

We're working hard on the next major version of DeepMake. Look out for this release in April! This version will include new functionalities and features, including new effect plugins:

  1. Plugin Manager
    Tired of manually installing plugins? Soon you'll be able to install any effect plugin with a single click! This will install the plugins, create the environment, and do everything needed to add a new plugin to your DeepMake workflow.

  2. Configuration Tools
    This will give you even more control over your DeepMake creations, including giving you the ability to use custom Stable Diffusion models or change settings in any tool.

  3. New Effect Plugins
    Version 0.2.0 will bring you three new plugins: Smart Segmentation for Faces, Smart Segmentation for Anything and Upscaling for your images and videos! These will be followed by regular additions of new functionality as we discover and test new models and bring them to you with DeepMake. 

Join our community

We have been creating tutorials for you and fun videos using DeepMake's functionality in Adobe After Effects. Check one out below and join our community!

Use AI to Make a Portal to Another World in After Effects

If you have any questions about DeepMake, feedback to provide, feature requests or bug reports, please get in touch through our Discord channel. We would love to hear from you and develop DeepMake with your input!