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There are two different ways to install DeepMake. The easier way is recommended. For that you download and run the installer for Windows or Mac and let it set everything up for you.

Next is the manual installation, for this you have to follow each of the stepshere ➚

Easy Installation

Download DeepMake

Manual Installation

If you prefer, it is possible to install manually. This is a bit more complicated and requires you to follow the steps exactly. If you run into problems, our recommendation is always to use the Windows installer.

Download DeepMake

  • From The Github Repo click on "Code".
    Github Repo Screenshot
  • Then click on "Download Zip".
    Download Screenshot
  • This will download the file. Click the folder icon to open up the Downloads folder in Windows Explorer.
    Folder icon Screenshot
  • Double click the "DeepMake-main" file.
    DeepMake-main file Screenshot
  • Inside of the file, drag the "Deepmake-main" folder to the Downloads folder.
    Inside the zip Screenshot

Download Anaconda

  • Next, you should download Anaconda fromtheir website. Once there, click the "Download" button to get the file.
    Anaconda Download Screenshot
  • Click on the downloaded file. It should start with "Anaconda3" and have a recent date listed. This will run the installer.
    Anaconda Installer Download Screenshot
  • Click "Next" to start the installer.
    Anaconda installer start Screenshot
  • Read and agree to the terms.
    Anaconda terms Screenshot
  • Install for "Just me" and click "Next".
    Anaconda install for Screenshot
  • Keep the default folder and click "Next".
    Anaconda install location Screenshot
  • The default settings are fine, leave them and click "next".
    Anaconda settings Screenshot
  • Wait for it to finish installing (this may take a while) then click "Next".
    Anaconda Installing Screenshot
  • Click "Next".
    Anaconda install nearly finished Screenshot
  • Anaconda is now successfully installed. You can uncheck both boxes and continue.

    Anaconda install finished Screenshot

Preparing environment

  • Press the start button, then type Anaconda and click on the Anaconda Prompt.
    Start Menu Anaconda Prompt Screenshot
  • In the open console, go to the install folder by typing "cd Downloads\DeepMake-main" and pressing "Enter"
    cd to folder Screenshot
  • Next type "conda env create -f environment.yml" and pressing "Enter"
    Create environment Screenshot
  • If you see the following screen then you successfully created the Conda environment.
    environment complete Screenshot

Install any processing plugins you want

  • Download any plugins you want.
  • Extract the plugin folder from the zip file into the "plugin" folder in the DeepMake folder.

Install processing plugins

  • go to the DeepMake folder
  • cd to plugin
  • git clone any processing plugins that you want to download (I.E. git clone
    • Win: Run conda env create -f plugin/{folder}/environment.yml for each package in the plugin folder. (I.E. conda env create -f plugin/Diffusers/environment.yml)
    • Mac: Run conda env create -f plugin/{folder}/environment_mac.yml for each package in the plugin folder. (I.E. conda env create -f plugin/Diffusers/environment_mac.yml)

To see a list of all available plugins see here ➚