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By bringing the capabilities of the latest open source generative AI to visual workflows, DeepMake allows human creativity to meet AI ingenuity, making content creation and editing fast and powerful.

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Software integrations


DeepMake is not a cloud rendering service, but instead integrates with the leading VFX and video editing software to allow you to use your local GPU power to render in your VFX workflow. All the functionality is available without monthly usage limits.

Adobe After Effects

DeepMake offers a seamless integration for Adobe After Effects, so you can harness cutting-edge AI-powered visual effects in your normal workflow.


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DaVinci Resolve

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Have more control over the creative process with DeepMake. With our AI tools running locally on your computer, you do not have usage limits like cloud providers, no usage based fees and a higher level of control over the AI generated output. New AI tools will be added on a monthly basis to continually add to the functionality and keep you at the cutting edge of AI capabilities.

AI running locally on your computer
No usage fees
Higher level of control of the output

ClosedText-to-image generation

Instantly generate high-quality images from written prompts using the same Stable Diffusion technology that powers the most advanced text-to-image products.

ClosedImage-to-image generation

Instantly refine, augment or generate high-quality images from other images, powered by the latest Stable Diffusion models.

ClosedSmart masking for faces

Experience next-level editing by automatically segmenting (masking) faces in your video for precise and rapid modifications and dynamic storytelling.

ClosedSmart masking for any object

Automatically segment characters, backgrounds, and objects in your video for rapid editing, saving time on manual masking.

ClosedImage and video upscaling

Transform your videos with our AI-powered solution, effortlessly enhancing resolution for crystal-clear quality and unmatched detail.

Open source AIs

DeepMake brings you AI functionality powered by the latest open source models. With capabilities and new functionality evolving rapidly, DeepMake will bring the latest features to our users on a regular basis, allowing you to use new tools to create ever more compelling and original content, and faster than ever before.

Stable Diffusion

Use any Stable Diffusion model to generate images.


Use SegmentAnything and GroundingDINO to mask exactly what you want using text.


Bisenet masks faces with precision, choose exactly what parts of the face you want to include in your mask.


Upscale images and videos using a library of SuperResolution models.

Models Manager

Users have the ability to choose a different model to the DeepMake default by using DeepMake’s model manager. New models will continue to be added to the selection once they are vetted by us, bringing the latest models and functions to our users.

Users can even download models themselves from open source repositories and select them with the models manager to run through the DeepMake integration in After Effects and other integrated software

Standalone products

Video and Image Upscaler

Sharpen, remove noise and increase the resolution of your videos and images using AI powered upscaling by up to 4x.

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